Chelsea continue their slump

Chelsea sunk even further as they faced Stoke away with a noticeably absent Mourinho. The 1-0 defeat saw Chelsea take their third consecutive league loss, making for seven losses out of twelve matches. Last year’s champions are now sitting in position 16 on the log a mere three points away from the relegation zone.

The game started off tense and was at a deadlock until the 53rd minute when Stokes Mark Hughes found the back of the nets. Chelsea cannot be accused of not trying Pedro took a left footed shot at goals but a ricochet of the post was not good enough.

chelsea stoke

Man United find the nets

Moving across to some good news. Man United fans will be happy that the team has ended its sad goal draught. Hosting West Brom at Old Trafford newbie Jesse Lingard shot the ball past the West Brom keeper Jack Butland putting their first point on the scoreboard. In the second half Juan Mata converted a spot kick off the penalty spot awarded to Martial, resulting in now two goals for Man U.

Man U West Brom

Vardy scores again

Vardy is on a red hot roll the Leicester player scored his ninth consecutive goal in nine games. If Vardy scores in his next league game he will equal legend Ruud Van Nistelrooy’s record of ten goals in ten games in 2003.