EPL 2019/20 – Week 2 betting tips

EPL week 2 predictions

The EPL has started and the excitement is real in the Goli offices. Chelsea fans are very quiet while all the Man United fans have reappeared. But, as expected Man City has taken the top spot of the log with a 5 goal win over West Ham. It is still early days so we know anything can change and that is what we love about football.

Last week we put together our three betting tips for week 1. We are happy to say we got our predictions spot on and for round one we got 3 out of 3. Will we be as lucky this week? take a look below for what we will be betting on this week.

  • Arsenal VS Burnley
  • Man City VS Tottenham
  • Man United VS Wolverhampton

Premier League 2018/19 Week 2 Betting tips

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