We have summarized the Guardians 10 points for you – if you would like the in depth article you can visit http://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2015/sep/28/premier-league-10-talking-points-weekend-action

Martial artistry spurring Manchester United

3 goals out of 3 appearances that is how Anthony Martial’s stats look. Everyone was expecting more of him this past weekend, and on closer inspection he actually over preformed. Martial was key in strategy and implementation, he used every pass received to gain ground and the pitch and lay off to players with better opportunity. Martial was gracious enough to help end Wayne Rooney’s Premier League goal draught when he fired the ball straight towards his captain in the 999 minute. Afterwards Wayne had the following to say   “He’s been incredible. He’s a young lad, we have to remember that. He’s a 19-year-old lad who doesn’t speak English. Moving over to France from England with a young family, so we have to understand that, but the start he’s had has been incredible. He’ll be a big player for us throughout the season and in the future but we need to let him enjoy his football and I’m sure he’ll bring magic moments for us.

Image Source - Manchester Evening News

Sturridge shows Liverpool what they were missing

Daniel Sturridge is back after scoring twice in eight minutes. This pushed his goal average up to 37 goals in 57 games making it one of the best goal-per-game ratios of any Liverpool striker. This is a great comeback for Daniel who was plagued by injury last year.

Chelsea show signs of revival despite poor first-half showing

Luckily for José his team seemed to wake up in the second half and manage a draw against Newcastle. How convincing their performance was to help boost their league rankings, well we will just have to wait and see.

Skill on show at King Power Stadium lifted the soul.

The game between Leicester and Arsenal proved that the young talent coming through the ranks is just that TALENT. These young players are still learning the ropes and are called naïve at times but on Saturday they really proved how football can lift the soul when played so beautifully.

Lamela fires Pochettino’s feelgood factor

At last Lamela showed his worth in a man of the match performance that saw Spurs beating Man City 4 – 1. Pochettino was off to celebrate at the England vs Wales match in the Rugby World Cup, he remained tight lipped about who he was supporting.

Image Source - The Guardian
Image Source – The Guardian

Watford still lack an attacking edge

When Watford play at home they seem to lose their edge. Let’s hope they can find some punch and get their attack game together.

Mitrovic and Pérez pairing gives Newcastle hope

Mitrovic is back from suspension and Pérez has been outperformed by new younger team mates. But this week the duo were united and showed the rest of us what they are capable of.

Jerome’s lack of form a worry for Norwich

Cameron Jerome struggled to turn clear goal opportunities into points. Jerome is Norwich’s first choice for striker so it is worrying that he has only scored once so far this season. Norwhich manager Neil had the following to say “The biggest thing for strikers as far as I’m concerned is they are getting chances. If they are not getting chances then it’s a worry. He had a good chance, it was unfortunate he missed it but hopefully he gets the next one.”

Van Dijk an excellent addition to Southampton’s defence

Ronald Koeman called Van Dijk’s performance a few weekends back perfect but we have to say this weekend was indeed perfect. The 24 year old was bought from Celtic and has shown his worth not only did he help build a solid defence line but he also scored off a perfectly timed header.

Image source - The Guardian
Image Source – The Guardian

Bournemouth need Murray’s nous

Callum Wilson Bournemouth’s top striker has been injured in a collision with Stoke City’s Phillip Wollscheid. Wilson fell to the ground and was taken off on a stretcher, we can only hope it is not serious. Luckily Bournemouth do have Glenn Murray waiting in the wings ready to prove his value and worth.