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John Terry hints he may stay at Chelsea

After cancelling what would have been publicized as a personal farewell match Terry has left team mates and fans with hope that he will accept the contract extension on offer.

John Terry hints he may stay at Chelsea

Last week Terry was offered a one-year contract extension by Chelsea bosses but with rumours of a £20 million offer to play in China hope was lost. This week, however, the 35-year-old cancelled his farewell match at the club and hinted that he may stay when he addressed the crowds after Sundays match against Leicester.

“I’ve said for a long time I want to finish my career here. I’ll be speaking to the club over the next few days. I want to stay, the club knows that, the fans know that. I want to stay.”

Staying would mean Terry would be under the new Management of Conte and would not be guaranteed Captaincy or even a starting position. Although it is thought that Conte has played a role in the decision to hand Terry an extension.


Image Source: Chelsea News

Conte was recently cleared of match-fixing charges and will be heading to Chelsea with a clear conscious and a lot to prove. Whether Terry plays a role in his plans? Only time will tell.

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