Paula the octopus

Those who tuned into the 2010 World Cup will most likely have heard about Paul the octopus, who was known for his amazing ability to successfully predict the outcome of 12 out of 14 games during the tournament in South Africa.

Whether Paul was just lucky or if he was a genuine oracle is still hotly debated among the footballing community. We prefer to choose the latter, though not everyone believes in magic! Sadly, Paul’s life was over only months after gaining his fame, as the common octopus only has a lifespan of a couple of years.

This brings us to our find on the app store in the last few days – to celebrate Paul’s brief yet legendary existence, an app developer has released “Mystic Paula”, a mobile app inspired by Paul that includes an animated octopus that makes football predictions on the go:

The app is available on both Android Apps and iOS Apps , and uses complex algorithms to make the most accurate prediction possible – indistinguishable from magic!

Mystic Paula is FREE on both app stores and works on both phones and tablets. Why not get into the spirit of the World Cup and make a few predictions with Paula?